WATER MUSIC - Suite no. 3



These pieces from Handel's celebrated "Water Music" are mostly taken from the suite usually referred to as the "Trumpet Suite". They were originally written to entertainKing George I's dinner guests as they progressed by barge up the River Thames. The original orchestra consisted of strings, oboes, bassoons, trumpets and horns and these arrangements are designed to give an appropriately bright,  "outdoor", feel to the music using the instruments of the standard modern symphony orchestra.

 They can be played by an orchestra of almost any size, incorporating players of different abilities: 

The score presented here includes parts for players of an intermediate standard (Flute 1, Oboe 1, etc.) and a few better players, whose parts are marked "Solo". The parts for less advanced players (Flute 2, Oboe 2, etc.) are not given here, but are included in the full score, which is available by special order, as are the easier orchestral parts. If your performance includes less advanced players, but you are conducting from this score, as a general guideline, they will play in the tutti passages. Their inclusion does not change the structure of the music in any way and should not add any differentnotes or rhythms.

 The suite will be musically complete if there is at least one player on each of the 1st parts. Some parts (bassoon, trumpet, trombone, percussion, viola) can be missed out without affecting the overall coherence of the pieces, though there will be some loss of variety.