Gregorio ALLEGRI arr. JACKSON; Miserere  -  Allegri's sublime vocal setting of Psalm 51 is transformed into an atmospheric short piece for chamber orchestra.  Ref:  AA2024

Ernesto de CURTIS arr. JACKSON; Torna a Surriento   -  Full-blooded romantic orchestration of one of the most famous of Neapolitan songs with the vocal line turned into an instrumental solo.  Ref:  AA2025

Phillip FALLE arr. Jackson;  Divisions on a Ground (Greensleeves)  -  Luxurious arrangement of the ground bass from the most famous of English tunes based upon Philip Falle's (1656-1742) Durham Viol manuscript.  Ref:  AA2014

George Frideric HANDEL arr. JACKSON;  Rejouissance from the Musik for the Royal Fireworks  -  One of Handel's most popular compositions arranged so that clarinets support the trumpets on the top line.  Ref:  AA2015

George Frideric HANDEL arr. JACKSON;  The Water Music Suite no.3  - Bright, cohesive arrangement of 4 pieces   mainly taken from the “Trumpet suite”  Ref:   AA2008

 Andy JACKSON;  Blowout  - A bit of fun for novice mouth-organists and orchestra. 3 short movements entiltled "Blow", "Suck" and "Blow Suck Blow" .  Ref:  AA2005

Andy JACKSON;  Edwardiana  -  A wholly conscious pastiche of Elgar in patriotic mode. Football scarf waving optional.  Ref:  AA2010

Andy JACKSON; Farm Boy  -  Overture to a dramatised reading of Michael Morpurgo's novel 'Farm Boy'. Ref:  AA2016

Andy JACKSON;  Hiccough Waltz  -  Playful waltz in which the usual 3/4 rhythm is repeatedly interrupted by added and removed beats.  Ref:  AA2017

Andy JACKSON;  Paraflame  - Two minutes of optimistic, energetic music to celebrate the arrival of the Paralympic Flame at County Durham's Beamish Museum in 2012.  Ref:  AA2018

Andy JACKSON;  Passing Time in Good Company   - A set of three pieces based on Henry Vlll's "Passtime with Good Company" which integrate inexperienced players into a standard orchestra.  Ref:  AA2003

Andy JACKSON; Spennyopolis  - A 4 minute, 4 movement, symphony celebrating a small town in County Durham.  Ref:  AA2001

 Andy JACKSON; Tijuana Twilight  -  Think the first cocktail of the evening in a tropical setting and we called it Tijuana Twilight.Ref:  AA2019

Lizelle KIRBY;  Shuna  -  Filmic, folk influenced score inspired by the Scottish island of the same name.  Ref:  AA2012

WA MOZART arr. JACKSON;  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  -  A colourful orchestral arrangement of the popular piece for strings.  Ref:  AA2004

Henry MOZE;  The Witches on a Trip to Naples  -  This overture to James Love's 1762 play consists of a lively opening movement, a beautiful folksong influenced slow air and a rousing finale. A really unusual and attractive item.  Ref:  AA2013

Modeste MUSSORGSKY arr. JACKSON;  The Great Gate at Kiev  -  A chance for the orchestra to sound really impressive, but a little easier than Ravel's arrangement.  Ref:  AA2006

Henry PURCELL arr. JACKSON; Abdelazer Suite  -  Orchestral arrangement of the incidental music to Mrs. Aphra Benn's melodramatic revenge tragedy.  Ref:  AA2011

Trad. arr. JACKSON;  Cuenca  -  45 seconds of wild Mexican street music. Perfect for an informal encore.  Ref:  AA2026

Trad. arr. JACKSON;  Fandangos de Alora  -  A visit to the Andalucian town of Alora inspired this arrangement for English orchestra and Spanish banda.  Ref:  AA2020

Trad. arr. JACKSON;  Joropeno  -  Venezuelan dance song racing to a breathless finish - audience participation optional.  Ref:  AA2021

Trad. arr. JACKSON La Tarde  -  A Cuban bolero with overtones of relaxed morality.  Ref:  AA2022

Giuseppe VERDI arr. JACKSON;  Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves  -  This version of the popular song from “Nabucco” can be performed with or without a choir.  Ref:  AA2007




George Frideric HANDEL arr. JACKSON;  The Water Music Suite no 2  -  Wind quintet version of the delicate pieces sometimes referred to as the “Recorder suite”. Ref: AA3010

Andy JACKSON; Bottoms Up -  Light-hearted concert piece for bass instruments loosely based on Pachelbel's Canon. The title refers both to the elevation of cello, bass, bassoon, bass clarinet and trombone to solo status and to drinking a toast to that.   Ref AA3009

Andy JACKSON;  Gambassi  -  A haunting piece for solo flute written for performance in a space with an enduring echo, such as a cave, cathedral, or 12th C romanesque church in Tuscany.  Ref:  AA3004

Andy JACKSON;  Songs & Dances '98 (original version)  -  Alternately soulful and energetic single movement piece based on African music. (Scored for either saxophone ensemble or clarinet ensemble). Ref: AA3001 c/s

Andy JACKSON;  Sweet Henry  -  Five miniatures for mixed ensembles.  Ref:  AA3002


VOCAL & CHORAL: Collections


Ed. JACKSON;  THE BIG SING 2013  -  8 Songs to learn and sing in a day. Ref: AA1009

Ed. JACKSON;  The First Scratch Songbook  -  An eclectic collection of songs to sing anytime, with anybody.  Ref:  AA1005

Ed. JACKSON;  2nd Scratch Songbook (for female voices) -  10 uplifting songs for female voices in 2 to 5 parts.  Ref:  AA1011

Andy JACKSON;  Heaven Beneath Our FeetA collection of songs based upon the writings of the 17th century land reform activist, Gerrard Winstanley, with music derived from tune books published by John Playford in 1651.  Ref:  AA1007

Andy JACKSON;  Spiritual  - A cantata for voices (SATB) with optional accompaniment.  Ref:  AA1002

Andy JACKSON;  Whispering Stones  -  Extended choral work written for the 900th anniversary of Durham Cathedral.  Ref:  AA1003

Andy JACKSON;  A Year in a Day  -  A song cycle for children's voices.  Ref:  AA1001

Trad. ed. JACKSON;  A Gospel Requiem   -  9 movement mass using texts and music from the Gospel repertoire to explore thoughts about death from a humanist point of view.  Ref:  AA1006


VOCAL & CHORAL: Individual Songs


Ira SANKEY & Horatius BONAR, arr. JACKSON; Only Remembered  - A moving 3-part a cappella arrangement of the Victorian hymn made famous by its adaptation for the stage show "War Horse".  Ref:  AA1015

Andy JACKSON;  Flat Earth  - A 3-part psalm exploring a much-debated philosophical point of view. It finishes with the assertation "The earth used to be flat": a musical pun too goo to be missed.  Ref:  AA1018

Andy JACKSON;  Food and Music A fun item based on a tune by Rossini which pairs Italian composers with their (alleged) favourite foods.  Ref:  AA1014

Andy JACKSON;  Thank you song  - This all-purpose "thank you" song can be used to express gratitude in all manner of situations.  Ref:  AA1012

Andy JACKSON;  Tra-la, lu-lay, ding-dong  - The ultimate Christmas carol. SATB + the obligatory seasonal descant. Ref: AA1017

Andy JACKSON;  Waltz for shy lovers  This 4-part round gradually creates its own dance-like accompaniment as the different voices enter. Ref: AA1016

Andy JACKSON;  We'll think on - The Belmont Anthem - Written for remembrance Sunday and exploring thoughts about grief and mourning, this song works equally well in its solo or its choral version. Ref: AA1019

Giuseppe VERDI arr. JACKSON;  Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves  -  Choral version of the popular song from “Nabucco” can be performed with or without an orchestra.  Ref:  AA1010






Thomas ARNE;  Rule Britannia  -  A version for intermediate level orchestra which is more faithful to Arne's original than the frequently heard “Last Night of the Proms” version.

Juan Crisostomo de ARRIAGA;  Los Esclavos Felices  -  The “Spanish Mozart‘s” most famous composition makes a charming concert opener.  Ref:  AA2014

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN arr. JACKSON;  Pathetique  -  A dramatic orchestral treatment of the 1st movement from the “Pathetique” piano sonata.  Ref: AA2002

Arcangelo CORELLI;  Sonata da Chiesa in E Minor  -  This version of one of Corelli's “Church” sonatas for full orchestra retains the intimacy of the original for strings only.

Leo DELIBES; Dance of the Automatons from Coppelia  -  A real favourite from the ballet score.

John DOWLAND;  Lachrimae  -  The Jacobean lutenists were masters of melancholy. This is an unusual, but beautiful, addition to the orchestral repertoire.

John GARTH arr. JACKSON; Duo Concertante.  An adaptation of the 18 th century Durham composer's work for orchestra with sparkling parts for flute and clarinet soloists.  Ref:  AA2023

Edvard GRIEG;  Norwegian Suite  - orchestral arrangements of Grieg's charming pieces for piano.

George Frideric HANDEL arr. JACKSON;  The Water Music Suite no 1  -  Adaptations of some of the best known pieces from Handel's orchestral masterpiece (Simplified parts for beginners and solo obbligato parts for experienced players also available)

Andy JACKSON;  Cocktail Suite For wind quintet – invocation of the heady days of flapper dresses and cocktails.  Ref: AA3003

Andy JACKSON;  Concertinettos  -  Wind quintet in which each instrument performs a virtuoso solo accompanied by the other four.

Andy JACKSON;  The Gingery Boy  -  The narrator of this favourite old children's tale is accompanied by members of the wind section, introducing younger audiences to the voices within an orchestra.  Ref:  AA3006

Andy JACKSON;  A Meditation on Breath  - Thought provoking exploration of what lungs are for. (Scored for either saxophone ensemble or clarinet ensemble).  Ref:  AA3005 c/s

Andy JACKSON;  A Quartet of Philosophers: Wittgenstein, Descartes, Aristotle and Kant.  -  4 light-hearted pieces which are, hopefully, more accessible than their namesakes (scored for either saxophone or clarinet quartet)

Andy JACKSON;  White Water Music for wind & brass  -  Written for the Queen's visit to open the River Tees Barrage based upon themes drawn from Handel's Water Music.  Ref:  AA3008

WA MOZART arr. JACKSON;  Adagio K361  - for family ensemble.  Ref:  AA3007

WA Mozart arr. JACKSON;  Adagio from Serenade for 13 wind K361 (mixed ensemble)  -  Mozart's sublime composition arranged for both wind and strings.  Ref:  AA3009