Beyond the choral and orchestral music, we have a growing body of works for instrumental ensembles of varying sizes and combinations of instruments from solo flute to large wind band.


George Frideric HANDEL arr. JACKSON;  The Water Music Suite no 2  -  Wind quintet version of the delicate pieces sometimes referred to as the “Recorder suite”. Ref: AA3010

Andy JACKSON; Bottoms Up.  Light-hearted concert piece for bass instruments loosely based on Pachelbel's Canon. The title refers both to the elevation of cello, bass, bassoon, bass clarinet and trombone to solo status and to drinking a toast to that.   Ref AA3009

Andy JACKSON;  Gambassi  -  A haunting piece for solo flute written for performance in a space with an enduring echo, such as a cave, cathedral, or 12th C romanesque church in Tuscany.  Ref:  AA3004

Andy JACKSON;  Songs & Dances '98 (original version)  -  Alternately soulful and energetic single movement piece based on African music. (Scored for either saxophone ensemble or clarinet ensemble). Ref:  AA3001 c/s

Andy JACKSON;  Sweet Henry  -  Five miniatures for mixed ensembles.  Ref:  AA3002



Andy JACKSON;  Cocktail Suite For wind quintet – invocation of the heady days of flapper dresses and cocktails.  Ref: AA3003

Andy JACKSON;  The Gingery Boy  -  The narrator of this favourite old children's tale is accompanied by members of the wind section, introducing younger audiences to the voices within an orchestra.  Ref:  AA3006

Andy JACKSON;  A Meditation on Breath  - Thought provoking exploration of what lungs are for. (Scored for either saxophone ensemble or clarinet ensemble).  Ref:  AA3005 c/s

Andy JACKSON;  White Water Music for wind & brass  -  Written for the Queen's visit to open the River Tees Barrage based upon themes drawn from Handel's Water Music.  Ref:  AA3008

WA MOZART arr. JACKSON;  Adagio K361  - for family ensemble.  Ref:  AA3007

WA Mozart arr. JACKSON;  Adagio from Serenade for 13 wind K361 (mixed ensemble)  -  Mozart's sublime composition arranged for both wind and strings.  Ref:  AA3009