More songs

There are a couple more light-hearted songs in the shop now. "Tra-la, lu-lay, ding-dong" - the ultimate Christmas medley and "Flat Earth". I'm particularly pleased with the last line - "The earth used to be flat", which finishes on a diminished 7th chord..... in Bb.

Individual songs

I'm tidying up some songs so that they can be downloaded individually from our website with permission to print multiple copies. This should make them quickly and efficiently available to groups of singers who want to have a go at them.

I've started with the "All Purpose Thank You Song". It's a handy addition to any choir's repertoire for those occasions when you want to express gratitude, but words alone are not quite adequate.  

Facebook page

I've been enjoying giving Andrew and Andrew a presence on Facebook over the last few days. We already have getting on for 100 people looking at the page, which I'm told is a good start.

It's given me a chance to revisit some of the projects we've been involved with over the last few years, such as this extraordinary performance of Verdi's "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves" in the Grainger Market, Newcastle.




Some musical benefits

The things music (especially playing it in addition to listening to it) brings to our lives are profound, but not always easy to measure or even to identify.

So, here are a few benefits I can think of, and name, which come from engaging with music:

Physial wellbeing

Self confidence

Sensual pleasure

Mental accuity

Social contact

Emotional exercise

And this is just the act of playing in general, not the particular joy of listening to a well-loved work, or singing in a thrilling chorus, or becoming suddenly excited by a piece you've never encountered before.

A new Andrew & Andrew title is tested in Sunny Galicia

In July 2014, a party of Cobweb Orchestra musicians travelled to the small Galician town of Alora for a residential week of music-making during which they joined forces with the town's band.

A treat for the local residents was a performance of a new work by Andy Jackson, in which he has taken a well-known Fandango  from the region and reworked it for the combined forces of the band and orchestra.  Judging by the response from the audiences, this proved to be by far the most popular item in the concerts.